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TAKING THE ICE - Success Stories from the World of Canadian Figure Skating

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AUTHOR:  Pj Kwong

TITLE:  Taking the Ice

GENRE:  Non-Fiction / Sports

PUBLICATION DATE:  September 2010

ISBN:  978-0-9784395-7-6

FORMAT:  Trade Paperback

PRICE:  $25.95


Canada’s strength as a figure skating nation is as a result of not only exceptional talent but a group of skaters and coaches who have been willing to take risks and to be part of the continuous re-definition of the sport and what is thought of as possible. From the creation of innovative moves and styles to the re-vamping of a judging system, Canada has paved the way. This book is about some of the sport’s mavericks.

“This book brings figure skating fans closer to the action than they've ever been before. Pj Kwong makes you feel like a figure skating insider. She makes the sport accessible and fascinating at the same time while giving you a behind-the-scenes look.” 

                            - Randy Starkman, Toronto Star  

“Pj Kwong has turned her passion and understanding of the sport of figure skating into a way of life. She has become a clear and credible voice in the sport. One that people seek out when they want to know what is really happening. And one they will stop and listen to, or read, 
if they love skating.

                - Chris Irwin, Executive Producer, CBC Sports 



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